These are the services I provide through the Rover app/website. There you will see my availability and detailed pricing. Everything will be booked and paid through Rover as well.

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With leash in hand me and your doggo will explore your lovely neighborhood or nearest dog park together ! Walks are minimum of half an hour, weather allowing. The Rover app provides a tracking system where I can send you updates on the walk. Such as potty breaks, food and water activity, at least one photo and an optional short message and finally a map of the walk with total distance.

Runs for pups strolls for seniors


I will drop by your home to complete the tasks necessary to help you keep your fur baby happy and healthy. I can take your pup out for a potty break or scoop out your cats litter. I can also administer medication or fill up their bowls with fresh water and food. With this service you may also ask for a quick bath!

Cuddles and play time? But of course

Basic Bath

I will bathe, dry, and brush your fur baby. Basic bathing is something I offer for drop-in appointments only. Price may vary by size. This is a simple service meant to help keep your pup looking fresh between professional grooming. Or like a pup again after some mud rolling!

 I am not a professional dog groomer and this is not meant to replace a professional service.

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